Be Amazed & Enjoy…

  • Pop in to see our helpful staff at Opal Mine Adventure
  • Explore underground
  • Take in the scenery and enjoy a complimentary tea/coffee
  • Catch the Opal Bug as you fossick for Georgie’s lost treasure

Visitors VENTURE UNDERGROUND – where dreams are made or broken,
explore our ON-SITE OPAL FIELD,

You can Relax and Enjoy the scenery and birdlife, with a complimentary TEA OR COFFEE.

Naturally, you can choose your own special gem from our UNIQUE SHOWROOM – with stones produced from our own mines.

Mine Experience

Opal Mine Adventure has previously been called the “Walk in Mine.” It is the most easily accessed mine in Lightning Ridge…

On Site Opal Field

The sky is the limit for adventure seekers. Visitors sometimes say that Lightning Ridge is “Out of this World,” like some place left behind in time…


Exciting, therapeutic, fun-take time to experience the thrill of finding your own “rough” opal. Unwashed fossicking heaps means you have a chance to find what George missed…

Group Visits

Adventurous lifestyle tours are offered to our Coach Tour Clients, when you choose to visit our attraction. These run prior to the mining experience…

On a daily basis we hear lots of positive feedback from our guests telling us that Opal Mine Adventure has been an exciting and worthwhile place to visit. People love to learn from our experience and trust our knowledge and concern for their enjoyment.

Being a bit different, there is something for people of all ages at Opal Mine Adventure.

Young or old, or somewhere in between, everyone likes some adventure in their life. Here is the place the whole family can engage in exciting exploration. With the easiest access in town and reasonably open corridors and ceilings, most people feel comfortable going underground. Above ground, they soon discover that their search for opal can be a quite compelling affair.

Create lifelong memories and friendships as you enjoy your opal adventure.