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Check out some of the machinery that adorns the mine site. They’re sure to spark memories and conversations with other visitors. Remember to snap your photos so you can share your tales. Maybe post to Instagram or facebook to share your experience.

Also, as you explore the site, you may gain an appreciation for the ingenuity of miners who make do with whatever is at hand to make their work a little easier.

The sky is the limit for adventure seekers. Visitors sometimes say that Lightning Ridge is “Out of this World”, like some place left behind in time. Well, - consider our Opal Mine Adventure as your chance to do things you might never have dreamed of doing!

Just for fun, why not make a short movie clip while you’re here? What better movie set to free your creativity! “Laid back,” like the lifestyle many locals have chosen to come here for, you could tell stories of the truck you used to drive or the opal you found sitting in the bottom of the shaker; or emulating the “thrill of the chase,” you could create the escapades your grandchildren will love to retell.

Forget the X-Box, parents get your kids outside for a day to remember. Whether it’s just for fun or part of a school project, make it your day to tell your story. You might even become the next You-Tube sensation. Create a short script or just capture the moment.

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