At Opal Mine Adventure, great experiences matter to us which is why we have added more adventure to our underground and above ground visit. You have time to enjoy yourself and plan things around your own timeframe. Stay a little while or stay for hours, it is your choice.

Standard Tours are usually ‘self-guided’ enabling you to explore at your leisure. The information is all there for you to experience including an underground theatre to help you understand a bit more about the process and culture of mining as you sense what the miners endure.

There is no need to book for underground tours, unless you have a large group or Coach - then it is advisable to book ahead of time.

When you take a tour underground you will see the layers of Opal Clay and the beautiful sandstone roof. Being underground will give you a sense of what Opal mining is all about … the blood, sweat and tears that the miners endure for sometimes very little outcome and then again there may be a miner who has a lucky, ‘Strike’ and can become an instant millionaire.

Larger groups have guided tours, assisting with organisation of their time and providing maximum benefit to the group as a whole. These guided tours need to be organised prior to arrival.

Tour packages are available

Large Groups

A. Potch Package – guided underground mine experience including fossicking, tea & coffee
B. Gem Package - Guided underground mine experience including fossicking, tea/coffee, biscuits and guided town tour
C. Crystal Package - Guided underground mine experience including fossicking, tea/coffee & lunch package – (consisting of sandwiches and cake)
D. Harlequin package, (the complete package) – town tour, mine experience, fossicking, tea/coffee & lunch package –(sandwiches and cake)

Please ask about extra opportunities and package prices


For entry only pricing and any extra requirements, please enquire

Tour 1
Tour 2
Tour 3

Please email or call us at (02) 6829 0473
so we can discuss your requirements and provide a package
that best suits the needs of your customers.