Our showroom is your first point of call and where you are welcomed by our friendly staff. We explain what you need to know for your tour and answer any questions you have, all with a friendly smile.

Stocked with a large and varied range of delightful gems from our local mines, our showroom is a must see. We strive to make your browsing pleasurable. So relax, come and chat and discover your opal passion. And if you can’t decide on a favourite piece – no pressure – have a cuppa, and enjoy the scenery for a while.

Because we also mine in Queensland, we stock Boulder Opals as well. Every stone has a story. Every piece is unique with no two stones identical. So come and see just what might appeal to you.

We also stock souvenirs and trinkets, lucky dips, Pendants, rings, bracelets and cut stones, Post cards, DVD’s, rough opal, test tubes, Lolly pops, and much more all for you to enjoy.

Please email info@opalmineadventure.com.au so we can discuss your
requirements and provide a package that best suits the needs
of your customers.